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Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants (Friday FOIA Fun)

In 2007 – yes, 2007 – I came across a reference to a paper written by Chris Rasmussen – who some readers might recognize as a NGIA employee and one of the more vocal and visible proponents of Intellipedia. The paper was entitled Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants in the US Intelligence Community, and discussed, among other things, how and why the intelligence community (IC) should adopt reasonably modern information technology, rather than relying on the technology of a quarter-century ago.

I requested a copy of the paper through the FOIA, and asked for the report to be provided in electronic format. Ironically, given the subject of the paper, it was eventually released as photocopies… some two years later.

I don’t know the exact date it was written – Mr. Rasmussen has never bothered to reply to my emails asking about the paper – but I think it was 2006 or early 2007. Given the changing nature of technology, it’s a bit dated in the “real world”, but I’m pretty confident that it’s still very relevant to the IC, which is still thinking – at a glacial pace, I might add – about making a decision about adopting new technology at some point in the future Real Soon Now.

Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants isn’t a hugely exciting paper, but it’s been cited in a few public places, and deserves to be available to the world at large. If you have a professional or academic interest in this sort of thing, you can download a copy here (16pp, 5.5MB PDF).


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