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Google and China

Google is set to make some waves with today’s announcement concerning its relationship with China, and I’m sure that all the usual suspects will be making all the usual noises about the situation.

Offered for your consideration at this moment, however, is a question I suspect will not figure prominently in any of the discussions of Google, China, and the alleged cyber-attacks that Google has revealed…
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The FBI and the Lone Ranger

Last week, I got a letter from the FBI in the mail. This is a fairly frequent occurrence, as I tend to file a lot of FOIA requests with them. I was a bit taken back, though, when I opened the letter, because I didn’t immediately recognize the name of the subject of the FOIA request.

When you think of The Lone Ranger, you think of Clayton Moore, right? Well, Moore is only the iconic, best-known actor behind the famous mask; it turns out that in 1952, a little-known actor named John Hart took up the role for two seasons of the show.

Hart passed away in September 2009, at the age of 91.
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