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Debian (and Ubuntu, etc) Kernels for the Acer Aspire One

As I wrote about a couple days ago, I’m now the not-so-proud owner of an Aspire One, running Debian. (I love Debian; I kind of hate the Aspire One.) The current (January 2009) kernels distributed by Debian don’t quite support the full functionality of the Aspire One – one of the biggest issues is that the wifi won’t work. To remedy this, third parties have thoughtfully produced custom kernels for the AAO – the best-known are probably Sickboy’s and Baldrick’s. Both are stripped-down kernels semi-optimized for the hardware in the Aspire One, and both are a bit out-of-date at the moment – Sickboy has, and Baldrick offers and 2.6.30.rc5 .

I compiled a custom kernel for the AAO, based on Baldrick’s configuration, but with a few changes to suit my needs – and probably those of other AAO users, too.
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