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Scrubs & Better Off Ted

Prominent and reasonably influential television ratings website TV By the Numbers has for some time been predicting the cancellation of two of ABC’s better half-hour comedies, namely Scrubs and Better Off Ted, based purely on ratings numbers. In fact, the site is bewildered by Ted having ever gotten a second season in the first place.

I’m not; it’s a very funny show that’s culturally relevant and accessibly to a lot of people. I’m a huge fan, and I make no apologies for that. I also like the “new” med-school incarnation of Scrubs, and am not at all bothered by the new cast. So JD and Turk are going away? So what? I liked Dr. Cox, and as far as I can tell Denise is more of the same, albeit cuter. And so far Lucy seems a perfectly adequate replacement for JD, as far as lead characters are concerned.

I mean, Dr. Cox and Denise for half an hour, followed by thirty minutes of Portia de Rossi’s Veronica on Better Off Ted? Hello, Tuesday Night Snark Bloc.
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