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A Miracle on Blogosphere Street

A year ago, I wrote about the kindness that retired Colonel Bernie Moore showed in responding to a request posed on this very blog by a guy named Shaun Strickland, whose father was killed in a military training accident back in 1982, shortly before Shaun was born.

Some of you might remember Shaun’s post, which read “I was born on March 23, 1982. On April 26, 1982 my father was in Stuggart, Germany and attempted Mission Skyhook. My father died due to faulty equipment and fell to his death at 1400 hours. Any information would be great.”.

And some of you might recall Col. Moore’s response, which began “Shaun, I was the co-pilot (right seat pilot) on the flight on which we lost your father…”.

What are the odds, right? Well, that was 22 Dec 2008. I tried to contact Shaun to give him the news. Col. Moore tried to contact Shaun to give him the news. We tried several times over the last year, but were unable to get in touch with him over the last year.

I promised, in that earlier post, I’d make an update whenever I heard from Shaun about this little Christmas miracle.

Saturday, I got a message…
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