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Who Needs Message When You’ve Got Medium?

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) some time ago, it seems, altered its high-definition (HD) television (TV) standards, so that instead of broadcasting at ~15Mbps bitrate, they’re now broadcasting at something more like 9Mbps. The BBC insist that the current picture quality is every bit as good as the previous incarnation. A small but extremely vocal group of viewers disagree… at length.

Their outraged hyperbole is quite amusing – some have gone so far as to compare the BBC’s current HD TV picture quality to “LP VHS” cassettes, which is more than a bit daft. Many seem convinced that any reduction in any quantifiable unit of measurement (i.e. bandwidth) must be a bad thing, regardless of whether they can actually spot a difference or not. And some others appear to just be grumpy curmudgeons who like to whinge on about how things aren’t as good as they used to be, and bitrates and encodings and so on are all moot because the Beeb hasn’t produced anything worth watching in years, anyway. (Whether these grumpy chaps actually have HD televisions, I have no idea – standard-def was surely good enough in their happy, Cold War-era youth, yes?)
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