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Magical Mystery Shorthand

I have a lot of useless skills I’ve picked up over the years, for whatever reason. Don’t get me wrong – while most of them were already useless when I learned them, a few were still mildly useful, way back when. Among the latter are the ability to operate and maintain spirit duplicators (sometimes incorrectly a/k/a Mimeograph machines), and pencil-and-paper drafting, which were rendered obsolete by the Xerox machine and Autocad, respectively. I can speak a few phrases of Esperanto, the native language of exactly nobody, I was fairly proficient at fencing in high school, and I’m perfectly comfortable using manual film cameras from a Minox up to a 4×5 Speed Graphic.

I can also service and restore most tube (valve) radios, know the proper care and feeding of a fountain pen, and can trap small game.

High on the list of useless skills I’d most like to pick up at some point is learning shorthand – either Gregg or Pittman, probably Gregg.
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