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Kwik Hits

Random bits of goodness, in easy-to-digest bite-size pieces:

Local (Twin Cities) activists have been jailed for contempt for refusing to testify before a grand jury investigating an Animal Liberation Front action five years ago. They claim they’re innocent, and only being obstructionist out of principle – to me, at least, that seems like a counterproductive strategy from the activists’ perspective: if you completely buy into the talking points about prosecutorial abuse, et cetera, doesn’t it seem like they’re basically just handing the government a blank cheque to lock up activists? Maybe they’ve got martyr complexes, or something…

Need a dedicated server to host a site on? Wholesale Internet – the folks who run the datacenter where parts of Entropic Memes are hosted – are having a sale – servers with 10Mbps unmetered connections for as low as 25 USD per month. You know you want one…

The National Security Archive now has a blog, called Unredacted. Lots of interesting stuff there…

Typewriter Leadership in a Facebook World.

In closing, two very dissimilar slideshows from Ria Novosti: Russian Women in Uniform, and a look inside a penal colony for prisoners with life sentences. It could be worse, apparently – you’re allowed to have a cat with you in your cell…

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A week or two ago, I was watching an episode of Dirty Jobs, the Discovery Channel show that launched Mike Rowe to international stardom, about a camel farm in California. In that episode, there was mention of a male camel with a couple sexual hangups – in particular, it was said, he’d courted and eventually had an intimate relationship with a Bobcat tractor, if I recall correctly.

That got me thinking…
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Razors and Blades

The right tool for the right job: an important life lesson, to be sure – but does it hold true for shaving? It’s easy to be cynical and suspicious, because technique matters more than anything where getting a good shave is concerned. The manufacturers don’t want you to know that, of course – they’d rather you continue to shave any old way, so they can sell you the next big expensive “improvement” in razor-blade design. There’s no money to be had in telling people how to shave well, but it’s easy to get stinking rich by selling people the dream that your latest-and-greatest product will make it happen.

Do razors really matter? Yes – up to a point.
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The October 2009 Wright Flyer III Crash

Last month, I posted some pictures of the crash of a replica Wright Flyer III airplane in Ohio earlier that month. Those photos were taken by USAF personnel from Wright-Patterson AFB who responded to the crash, and released under the Freedom of Information Act.

This week, I’ve got a whole bunch of photos taken – apparently – by the Federal Aviation Administration – including some quite nice images of the un-crashed plane, as well as photos of the crash itself.

There are a lot of pictures here, so this might take a little bit to load…
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Sources and Methods

So, by now you’ve likely heard that Nidal Hasan, the ‘Fort Hood Shooter’, had been in email contact with an infamous radical cleric in Jordan some months ago.

By now, you’ve probably heard that the government was aware of these emails – of the contents of these emails, had reviewed them, and found them to not be of particular concern.

By now, you’ve probably heard a fairly decent summary of what was discussed in those emails.

A couple questions, in my opinion, remain markedly unanswered.
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