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I Still Hate Thanksgiving

I survived an extended-family Thanksgiving dinner, and all I got to show for it was… indigestion?

One potentially educational anecdote: Upon arriving at the site of the dinner, I was pressed into service to help make gravy. No worries – mix up a roux, made with drippings from the bird, and brown as necessary. Add some more drippings to make the gravy… and then things start going horribly wrong. It achieves a nice gravy-like consistency, and then begins to separate, with a strange layer of liquid on top of the gravy I’ve never seen before.

Okay, don’t panic… just add cornstarch, right? Hmmn, let’s taste it first, shall we?

It tasted – and I’m swear I’m not exaggerating – a bit like what I imagine transmission fluid tastes like. Used transmission fluid, with a hint of rat wee-wee and motor oil.
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