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Kwik Hits

A couple random observations from a surprisingly busy week here in sunny Saint Paul:

Last night, I managed to find time to watch that Pixar animated film Up. It was a decent movie, don’t get me wrong – but I found the advertising, playing it up as a comedy, pretty deceptive, and am left wondering: how on earth is this a kid’s movie? I mean, did it escape everyone’s attention that the protagonist winds up killing his childhood hero at the end of the movie? And does so with no apparent remorse or other emotional response? Wholesome comedic entertainment for the anklebiters? I don’t think so…

A group called the Minnesota Ultra High Speed Broadband Task Force – how’s that for an unwieldy name? – have announced the need for 10Mbps residential broadband throughout the state by 2015. Apparently, this is a “social and economic necessity”, according to these people. Now, I can understand the desire to put Minnesota on par with parts of Europe, but it seems a fantastically and retardedly expensive bit of lobbying, to me. Get people stable 1.5Mbps – 3Mbps connections, and a robust network backbone that can fully support those speeds, and the world will build technological tools that support those transfer speeds. Teleworkers and telecommuters don’t need freaking high-definition 10Mbps video-conferencing, you know…
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