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бы?трые удары

For your entertainment, some quick tidbits of (dubious) news you probably missed, courtesy of various Russian news websites / propaganda organs:

Last week, a river in Moscow caught on fire, which was something I thought only happened in Chicago Cleveland;

There are still no real details about what went on, but it appears the M/V Arctic Sea, the hijacked Russian freighter from this summer, will return to sea this week after the completion of the Russian “investigation”.

Pravda, never ones to pull punches with their headlines, tell you everything you need to know about the state of Moscow – Pyongyang relations with North Korea Starts Acting Like Dying Vermin. Maybe that sounds a bit nicer in Russian?

Also from Pravda, my go-to source for hard-hitting journalism: Thirteen Terribly Weird Facts About Women. My favorite? “After taking a bath, a woman grabs a towel and makes a turban on her head from it, at least for one minute. The reasons of such a weird Oriental ritual are unknown.”

And last but not least, some tips from Ria Novosti on how to transform your car into an armoured fortress in a handful of easy steps. I’m not sure Q would approve, but I think it’s fairly cool.

(Babelfish tells me “бы?трые удары”, the title of this post, is Russian for “quick hits”. With my luck, it’s probably something more along the lines of “speedy beatings”, or “rapid popular music singles”. Gods bless computerized mis-translation.)

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Emergency Planning: Food Edition

I don’t think the current H1N1 / Swine Flu crisis is going to bring about the fall of western civilization, even on a very localized or temporary scale. I could be wrong, of course – but even if I’m not, a little bit of forward thinking emergency planning never hurt anyone. I don’t necessarily mean stockpiling guns, ammunition, gas masks, and toilet paper – though I’m not going to stop you if you want to do that, however limited in usefulness it might be.

A lot of the survivalist / emergency preparedness community seems to place an emphasis on acquiring “gear”, which kind of makes me wonder if they’re just using preparedness as an excuse to stockpile, you know, everything under the sun. I, personally, think that’s a bit short-sighted – I’d be much more concerned about acquiring skills and knowledge, myself.

Consider, for example, the issue of food.
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