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The Verbing of the Nouns

I saw this story in the paper today, and was originally only slightly appalled that common sense has become such a rarity in this country that a high school student faces criminal sexual conduct charges – the kind of thing where, if convicted, I’m pretty sure you have to register as “sex offender” for the rest of your life – for streaking at a high school football game. I mean, seriously, the mind boggles, right? He apparently wasn’t the first student to streak at a Saint Francis football game this year – others received suspensions, according to the article, ranging from one to ten days.

Now, never mind the obvious disparity here – one student streaks and gets a one day suspension, another streaks and gets ten days without school, and another does the exact same thing, and might wind up as a “registered sex offender”, all because the school district wants to make an example. Yeah, real democratic, guys. Almost makes one wonder whether some of those students came from disadvantaged families – like, ones where the parents aren’t influential businessmen or politicians, or have the wrong color of skin, or something – and so received slightly less equal treatment than their richer, better-connected, or whiter classmates.

No, the heck with that; what really and truly appalled me is this quote from the article:
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