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Publishing and the ‘Hero Model’

Print publishing, especially in some of the niche markets, is on its deathbed, which is a bit alarming to those of us who enjoy the tactile pleasures of a bound and printed thing, the joy of having a tangible object in exchange for our hard-earned money, and who like to read things that aren’t, currently, on the bestseller list sponsored by your country of choice’s leading newspaper. This is particularly noticeable in – though by no means exclusive to – the manga and light novel industry in the West, where publishers and fans have locked horns in a market-forces suicide pact and are struggling to see who can do the most harm the quickest.

These niche markets are being looked to by the rest of the publishing industry, because if anyone is going to come up with the next big thing to resuscitate the industry as a whole, it’s probably going to be one of the little guys on the edge of the publishing ghetto.

Over the last week, a strange and convoluted idea called the Hero Model has garnered some attention.
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