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Better Living Through Insanely Secure Passwords

I recently had to register on a computer system operated by the United States government, and was quite surprised – albeit in a good way, I suppose – by the requirements set forth for a password on this system. My password needed to:

Be no less than nine characters, and no more than 16;
contain no more than two identical consecutive characters;
contain at least two uppercase letters;
contain at least two lowercase letters;
contain at least two digits;
and contain at least two “special” characters (ampersands, octothorpes, etc).

I mean, okay, that’s a pretty stridently secure set of criteria for a password, don’t you think? I’m not sure who came up with that set of guidelines, but they’ve certainly done their part to protect against weak passwords, in my opinion, at any rate.

But, here’s the really funny thing – guess what the computer system this password criteria is for. Go on, take a guess. Heck, guess the system’s security level.
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