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Walter Cronkite and the FBI

According to the FBI, investigative files which concerned in some fashion the late Walter Cronkite were destroyed in October 2007, according to USA Today.

If that’s true, that’s a bit embarrassing for the Bureau, since – objectively – you’d think such records would be historically significant enough to preserve for posterity.

A lot of people seem to be seeing a grand conspiracy here, but I think two things need to be pointed out: One, nobody’s said what the records that were destroyed actually were – that is, there’s no indication that Cronkite actually had a “FBI file”, per se – what was destroyed might simply have been a brief mention in an otherwise historically-insignificant document, or something.

The other possibility, of course, is that the FBI is actually wrong, and the records will turn up later, as was the case with George Carlin’s FBI records. The USA Today story is quite explicit in stating that the destroyed records were in the “agency’s main index”, meaning that records might still exist in Field Offices somewhere…

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