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Misery, Inc.

“They say, misery loves company…
So we should form a company,
and make misery…”

There aren’t a lot of practical and useful things that America really excels at, anymore. No longer are we winning the “brain race”, what’s left of American industry is struggling to compete with the rest of the world; we’re not even doing so hot at exporting capitalism, democracy, and other traditional American values.

This, I think, makes it extremely important that we recognize those things which America still manages to lead the world at, and exploit them for all they’re worth. It could well be that, without a whole lot of exaggeration, the future of the free world depends on this.

But what is it that American leads the world at? What do we still do better than anyone else? It’s a bit difficult to capitalize on obesity and incarceration, I have to admit – but there is something very slightly more practical that we do well…
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