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Kwik Hits

Random observations from the internet:

While the United States struggles with public perceptions in Iraq and Afghanistan, Israel struggles with, you know, public perception worldwide, ’cause they’re the little country everyone loves to hate. While the U.S. struggles to find a way to improve its image abroad, some Israelis have a mighty strange plan to improve the country’s image with “a pornographic stimulus campaign”

Unrelated, I promise: police here in Saint Paul arrested a suspect in a gruesome murder… a gruesome 1977 murder. God bless DNA testing…

When you hear anime fans complaining about how “crack is cheaper”, this is why: This December, the first season – thirteen episodes – of the series Spice and Wolf will come out on DVD. The cost for this seriously awesome cartoon about economics, on but two DVDs? List price 60 USD, street price in the 45 USD range. By contrast, the fourth season of Bones – all 26 episodes on 6 DVDs – has the same suggested retail price, and an even lower street price. And don’t get me started about Bamboo Blade, which is set to cost over a hundred bucks for the first season alone (that box set is only half the season). No worries, Miya-Miya, I didn’t need that kidney, anyway…
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