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The Other Twenty-Three Words

I don’t, as a rule, cuss a whole lot – not because I’m particularly religious or good-natured or anything, but because I’ve taken to heart the whole adage about cussing being the refuge of those with small minds and smaller vocabularies.

It’s not that I don’t know the words, I just don’t use them… much.

In the interests of expanding the minds – and vocabularies! – of you, the readers, I was thinking about the strange fact that we have some words so ubiquitous and well-known that they’ve for whatever reason become the canonical slightly offensive (if only to some!) word associated with their beginning letter.

Consider “the N word”, for example, or “the F word”. Apparently there’s also “the L word”, as well… but what about the other twenty-three letters of the English alphabet? Or dipthongs?
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