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Does Objectivity Matter Anymore?

Consider, if you would, Wikileaks, the oh-so-brave “strong and independent voice for global justice” we all know and try to love. While they’ve never been what any right-thinking person would call, say, possessed with an overwhelming degree of journalistic integrity, it used to be that they pretty much just published whatever people sent them, and let the “leaks” stand on their own merits (or, as is often the case, lack thereof).

Recently, though, they’ve started using their platform as a soapbox to editorialize rather more than used to be the case – a great example is the Cisco marketing material released yesterday. I mean, okay, you’ve got a video from Cisco crowing about how their products have appeared on-screen in various popular movies and television shows; assuming this is somehow noteworthy (I don’t think it is, but nevermind me) what do you title it? How about “Cisco Product Placement Video”? Can’t really find fault with that, can you? No. What Wikileaks chose, however, was ‘Product placement hell: Cisco “bribes” 24, CSI, House, Heroes, the Office, and more’.

Got inflammatory rhetoric?
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