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Kwik Hits

Random things which caught my eye on the interweb recently:

Doctors in the UK want to cut crime by giving junkies free smack. Seems like that’s treating the symptoms, rather than the disease, to me. I can’t imagine such a proposal getting a positive reception in the United States – smacks far too much of that dreaded “socialism” all the conservatives like to scream about.

Even (former) anarchists are hating on ACORN these days. Funny how Brandon Darby took – and continues to take – immense amounts of shit from the far Left for, basically, having a conscience and not being afraid to think for himself, while those same actions and attitudes are now making him a paragon of the far Right. Fella sure knows how to burn his bridges, you gotta give him that…

Cannabis, the cure for a faltering economy, according to some worry-warts. Good thing the recession is over, eh?

I’m not sure what to make of the news that the manga adaptation of Mein Kampf has sold more than 45,000 copies, apparently all in Japan. I don’t want to make any sweeping generalizations, but I wouldn’t expect the neo-Nazi movement to have a particularly strong presence in Japan, so you gotta wonder what’s up. Maybe people really will buy just about anything if you make a comic book of it.

Might this be the cure for the whole problem with the U.S. Congress not reading the bills it passes? Do we need to stimulate the artistic community by commissioning graphic novels for legislative bills? (“Damn, what a cliffhanger – I can’t wait until Tuesday to find out what happens in Omnibus Defense Appropriation Act, Volume Seven!”)

Who’s the most moe Senator, I wonder? On second thought, let’s not go there…

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