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Friday FOIA Fun: Counterproliferation

Yes, it’s the triumphant return of Friday FOIA Fun, wherein I demonstrate the flexibility and utility of the Freedom of Information Act by posting various types of government records (which nobody cares about, natch) received in response to FOIA requests. It’s been a while, in large part because all of my recent requests are taking forever and a day to process, or because in some cases – DHS, I’m looking at you – the agencies involved are just ignoring my requests.

Everyone is used to thinking of the FOIA as applying to “documents”, but that’s not really true – the FOIA applies to “records”, which in practice pretty much means anything that can be copied or duplicated without too much difficulty. Books, papers, and so on? No problem. Photographs? No worries. Computer-based instructional programs? Yep. Video? Hmmn, hadn’t gotten any videos, had I?

That’s fixed, now. 🙂
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