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Hacking a “California Apple N99”

I don’t know about you, but I don’t really see the point in watching videos on a postage-stamp sized screen (and I really don’t get why some people get so obsessive about trying to watch high-def 720p video on a 2.4″ screen). By the time you get up to about a 3.4″ screen, MP3 players that play video – i.e. “MP4 players” – start to make a little more practical sense, and by the time you up the size to 4.3 inches, you’ve got my serious interest.

If you hunt around right now (September 2009) for a 4.3″ MP4 player, you’ve got a few options – players from fairly well-respected brands you’ve never heard of – Ainol, Onda, and RAmos (that’s how they capitalize it, don’t look at me like that) are the ones that come immediately to mind. Got $125 to spend? Just get the RAmos T9, already. It’s a really nice player.

…or you could save some money and go with a sort of no-name copy from China, for $60 or $70 USD.

Guess which one I did? 🙂
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