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The M/V Artic Sea: When Reality Imitates Art

The whole mysterious story surrounding the Arctic Sea, the Russian-crewed freighter that may – or may not, who can keep up with these things? – have been hijacked last month in European waters grows more and more like a badly-written television show every day.

Today, apparently, mysterious figures are threatening the author who first reported the ship’s “disappearance” back at the beginning of August; said author has apparently fled Russia, fearing for his safety. Why, nobody really seems to know, but a lot of fingers seem to be pointing at the world’s leading scapegoat for high-risk black-ops hijinks, Israel. What a surprise, huh? Apparently we’re to believe the Arctic Sea was carrying missiles or rockets or weapons or ammunition or something, destined for somewhere in the Mideast (some news stories say Iran).

I’m not saying the two are related, but some media outlets are reporting – with a depressing lack of details, damnit! – that an explosion in Lebanon in July involved a cache of chemical weapons of some indeterminate type, which supposedly came from Iran, via Syria. Hmmn…

What nobody seems able to explain is where the supposed weapons on the Arctic Sea, if they existed, would have come from, and where they would have actually been going.
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