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Dictionaries – and Thesauri – Are Your Friends

As Microsoft’s new “Bing” search engine fails pretty spectacularly to go anywhere fast, Google-haters should be delighted to hear there’s a new, ambitious search engine loose on the wild frontier of the internet, one whose founders are bound and determined to achieve total market domination.

The search engine is called “I’m Halal”, and it aims for global domination of the, yes, Muslim internet-browsing demographic. There’s an article here which details the background and goals of the project, which seem at first glance pretty straightforward.

I gotta say, though, in actual practice it’s a whole lot of fail. (Warning: Rest of post contains images that may be NSFW in ultraconservative environments, ’cause they contain very slightly naughty words in ’em, ‘kay?)
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A Voice of Reason on Iran

Outgoing head of the IAEA, one Mohammed El-Baradei, on the threat of an Iranian Nuclear Apocalypse(TM):

“These people are demonic supervillains bent on nothing less than the nuclear annihilation of everyone and anyone who has the nerve to disagree with them. They are weeks if not days away from launching a large-scale nuclear assault on much of Europe and the Middle East! John McCain was right – we must “bomb, bomb Iran” at once! The future of the free world depends on it!”

Just kidding! 🙂 What he really said, according to the Jerusalem Post, was this:
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