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Walter Cronkite and the FBI

According to the FBI, investigative files which concerned in some fashion the late Walter Cronkite were destroyed in October 2007, according to USA Today.

If that’s true, that’s a bit embarrassing for the Bureau, since – objectively – you’d think such records would be historically significant enough to preserve for posterity.

A lot of people seem to be seeing a grand conspiracy here, but I think two things need to be pointed out: One, nobody’s said what the records that were destroyed actually were – that is, there’s no indication that Cronkite actually had a “FBI file”, per se – what was destroyed might simply have been a brief mention in an otherwise historically-insignificant document, or something.

The other possibility, of course, is that the FBI is actually wrong, and the records will turn up later, as was the case with George Carlin’s FBI records. The USA Today story is quite explicit in stating that the destroyed records were in the “agency’s main index”, meaning that records might still exist in Field Offices somewhere…

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Did You Know?

While browsing the internet this week, I stumbled across this breaking news story which I felt deserved considerably more widespread attention.

The gist of the story? Unreported by the mainstream liberal media, hundreds of sailors aboard a U.S. Navy vessel somewhere have fallen deathly ill after being forcibly injected with some variety of complicated biological warfare agent masquerading as a “swine flu vaccine”, and two sailors – a Lieutenant Commander and a Chief Petty Officer – have died from the supposed vaccine.

All of this, of course, is being covered up by the ZOG military-industrial complex and their media puppets, so the only place you’ll hear about this horror is on the internet, where freedom reigns and everything is always true.

See, there’s a bit more to the story than that, though…
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Riots and Anarchy and Mayhem, Oh My

As so many activists seem to be whining about the military presence at the G20 protests in Pittsburgh last week, throwing around words like posse comitatus, it seemed as good a time as any to dredge up a little blast from the past – the U.S. Army after-action report on the Chicago riots of April 1968.

The history of that event is something I find personally and professionally fascinating, in no small part because it’s not hard to imagine how a similar outbreak of violence could quite easily happen again, in Chicago or elsewhere. (The riots were sparked, in part, by the assassination of a prominent African-American politician, if you get where I’m going with that.) Next time around, I highly doubt the street gangs are going to embrace enlightened self-interest and work to preserve “law and order” in their territory, but maybe I’m being excessively cynical.

Anyway, if you have any interest in looking at the kind of logistics required to mobilize five thousand soldiers domestically for riot-control operations, you might want to check out the Task Force Chicago after-action report (3.3MB PDF file)… and consider how many more soldiers would be needed to maintain order in today’s society.

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Spice and Wolf: Tender Sensibilities for Tender People

Manga and light novel publisher Yen Press have unveiled the cover for the upcoming and much-anticipated first volume of Spice and Wolf, which you can see right here.

As you can see from reading the comments there, their decision to make the American edition look absolutely nothing like the original, Japanese edition is not being terribly well received by fans.

This isn’t exactly surprising, given that the most vocal and asinine anime and manga fans tend to be the most stupid and immature, but the criticisms aren’t entirely without merit.
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Misery, Inc.

“They say, misery loves company…
So we should form a company,
and make misery…”

There aren’t a lot of practical and useful things that America really excels at, anymore. No longer are we winning the “brain race”, what’s left of American industry is struggling to compete with the rest of the world; we’re not even doing so hot at exporting capitalism, democracy, and other traditional American values.

This, I think, makes it extremely important that we recognize those things which America still manages to lead the world at, and exploit them for all they’re worth. It could well be that, without a whole lot of exaggeration, the future of the free world depends on this.

But what is it that American leads the world at? What do we still do better than anyone else? It’s a bit difficult to capitalize on obesity and incarceration, I have to admit – but there is something very slightly more practical that we do well…
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