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Gang Versus Tagger Graffiti: A Visual Primer

It’s been a while since I wrote about graffiti to any great extent, in part because I don’t have a whole lot more to say on the subject. That said, people continue to leave comments, or email me, with questions about graffiti, and to a large extent they don’t really care what the graffiti says – they just want to know “is this gang graffiti?” (I take a much more… cryptanalytic?… approach to it, and want to know what it says, and means. To each their own.) It’s usually really easy to tell whether it’s gang-related or not if there’s a picture of the graffiti; if not, a lot of the time the best I can say is “if you know what gang graffiti looks like, or doesn’t look like, it’s pretty easy to tell.”

To that extent, because a picture is worth a thousand or more words, here are a pair of recent examples found here in Saint Paul, Minnesota, that are pretty “typical” of the kinds of graffiti you see in public places:
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