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A Nearly Unprecedented Crisis Almost Looms in Cuba

Nestled amid all the other headlines on Pravda’s website at the moment – including such unbiased reporting as “Ukraine’s Victor Yuschenko: I am the State”, or “Yuschenko makes awkward and dull response to Medvedev’s attacks”, or my personal favorite “Warts, vomit, and diorrhea save Yuschenko’s life” – do you sense a theme here? – is an interesting and touching story that doesn’t immediately smell like out-and-out propaganda: Toilet paper to become luxury in Cuba.


“The citizens of Cuba, who experienced 50 years of the economic blockade and developed their survival instincts to the utmost, may find themselves without toilet paper in the nearest future.

Spokespeople for Cimex, a state-run company that makes toilet paper in Cuba, said that their production was about to stop due to the economic crisis and destructive hurricanes that had recently lashed the island. Cuba imports toilet paper and runs its own production of it. However, the state-run company experiences a serious shortage of raw materials.”

Ah, well, there’s still good ol’ Granma.

Still… airdrop TP on Cuba, anyone?

I mean, seriously, the way European countries keeps declaring this, that, and some other things “basic human rights” – like internet access, and thus by proxy pornography – you’d think someone, somewhere, would be aghast at the thought of a small and beautiful tropical paradise having to “go without”, pun intended…

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