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Random things from teh interwebz:

Growing up, I was always taught that tornadoes tended not to hit big cities. Apparently there are scientific reasons for this, but nobody seemed to know what they are, or were; it’s just taken as dogma: tornadoes don’t hit big cities. Well, by most accounts, one did yesterday, in Minneapolis, though some “experts” are questioning that, seemingly on the basis that – wait for it! – tornadoes don’t hit cities. Go figure!

I wonder what’s going to last longer – the local media’s obsession with geriatric has-been (American) football quarterback Brett Farve, or the hijacked ship saga.

A Guardian article on eating in bed made me laugh out loud, which is never a good thing:

To many, beds are for sleeping and occasional light bondage, nothing more. Eating there smacks of Neronian excess, or is unpleasantly reminiscent of bed-beached Texans on Channel 4 documentaries, bodies like inflated sweetbreads, wheezily slotting Twinkies into their faces.

I know, I know; Why do I hate America?

Didja hear about the chicken that laid a meteorite?

Just the other day I was writing about terrorism on a shoestring budget, and then it’s announced last month’s bombings in Indonesia cost the bombers one billion rupiah, which sounds impressive, but is the equivalent of 100,000 USD, which is still quite respectable. And, oh, look, one of the financiers of the bombing is thought to be Saudi, surprise, surprise…

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