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Budget Terrorism

If you look at (Islamic) terrorism in the United States – hell, most of the western world – since 9/11, it’s hard not to notice that most of the plots haven’t been quite as grandiose as 9/11, but were still fairly complicated and expensive, with an emphasis more on glamour and sexiness than on practicality. It hasn’t really mattered, any which way, because the modern crop of terrorists are just absolute idiots for whom walking down the street without falling down must be a great and triumphant accomplishment. (Some days, I swear Ramzi Yousef was the last major terrorist capable of going to the bathroom on his own.)

Whomever is recruiting these morons has got to be pretty desperate, but I guess beggars can’t really be choosers. (“Ah, you’d like to martyr yourself while killing lots of Jews? Excellent, excellent. What, you need to be part of a plot that doesn’t require reading, writing, arithmetic, or precise timing? I dunno, you’re kind of short… Okay, I tell you what – give me your number, and I will have someone call – oh, never mind…”) Worse yet, you have to suspect the people financing all these crazy schemes must be pretty unhappy about the poor returns their investments are producing, especially during the current economic crisis.

All of which is by way of bringing up one of those really depressing observations that it’s so hard to escape from:
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