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The Enigma of “MP4 Players”

If you browse eBay – or any other site that sells inexpensive electronics from China – you’ll run into some of the hundreds of designs of “MP4 players” (and sometimes even “MP5 players”) that are available at prices well below what the trendy name-brand status symbol media players are going for. Lest you get too tempted by one of these unbranded players, the internet is awash with sites warning about the “hacked” memory that is widespread on these devices. For years, a lot of the media players coming out of China have been sold by misrepresenting just how much memory they actually have.

Early on – we’re talking circa 2006 here – the most common discrepancy was actually explainable, kinda: “4GB” on an MP3 player meant “4 gigabits”, not “4 gigaBYTES”, so you’d wind up with a player with 512MB of actual storage, once you reformatted it to get rid of the file allocation table hack.
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