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Kwik Hits

It’s shaping up to be another one of those weeks here in Minnesota, so while I suffer with those burdens I needs must bear, here are a couple tidbits to keep you occupied for a few brief but – hopefully – entertaining moments:

Batshit crazy Congresscritter Michele Bachmann – whose list of public embarrassments have included paranoid rants about the U.S. census, among many others – once went off on the “AmeriCorps” program, which is sort of like a domestic version of the Peace Corps – government-funded volunteer positions that support needy communities. In the grand scheme of Bachmann craziness, her references to the program as “re-education camps” went largely overlooked – sure, more craziness from the Crazy Lady From Minnesota, but not really her a-game, right? Well, turns out her son has joined the program, and become what the elder Bachmann would presumably describe as a government-funded drain on honest taxpayers. Ah, the irony. I think the Star Tribune columnist puts it best:

I might suggest that if you feel strongly that this is more government control, you should show up at Bachmann’s next town hall meeting and scream slogans at her. But that would be rude and, frankly, a little crazy.


Elsewhere, I could have sworn the Obama administration was supposed to usher in a new era of openness and transparency, but then I read today that U.S. and Swiss banks have struck a deal on information-sharing regarding tax evasion issues… only that “information sharing” doesn’t extent to the public, as they are “[keeping] all details under wraps, including how many of the 52,000 names sought by the IRS from banking giant UBS AG will be revealed”.

Even more elsewhere, we can land rovers on the surface of Mars, but we can’t find a single quite large ocean-going ship, even after looking for three weeks. Heck, we can’t even agree on why it’s missing. Ah, progress…

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