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In Ur Computer, Makin Ur Kidz… Ecoterrorists? Huh?

Several years ago, Will Potter wrote about a book called “The Secret World of Terijian”, which is basically a small bit of ELF propaganda for anklebiters. As Potter points out, this isn’t the first time a piece of children’s media has been accused of being all subversive and eco-terroristy. (To be fair, TSWOJ is fairly blatant about this, let’s be honest…)

Well, while browsing for new warez today, I came across this children’s gameKelly Green, Garden Queen. I can’t quite imagine why a kid would want to play a gardening sim, but I was struck by the premise of the game: “…help city gal Kelly escape her hectic life to make a go of Grandpa‚Äôs family farm. With limited resources and only the help of friends, Kelly is determined to revive the farm that once employed locals, but was brought to ruin by corporate interests.” (Emphasis mine, natch.)

Oh noes! Moar evil anticapitalist and ecoterrorist propagandaz! Pls halp!!!111

Couldn’t the evil people of the world just stick to turning everybody’s kids gay? Is there nothing sacred, anymore?

Ecoterrorist propaganda books? Check. Propaganda videos? Check. Propaganda video games? Check.

I mean, we’re literally just an album or two of child-friendly ecoterrorist music, a children’s anime series with companion CCG, and a talentless teen ecoterrorist heartthrob away from a descent into, well… anarchy! Now is not the time to panic… we should have been doing it years ago!

I’m sure this game will be banned Real Soon Now, so I suggest you go and download a copy of Kelly Green, Commune Queen while you still can. I personally guarantee it’ll be the number one anarcho-primitivist children’s video game of the year.

(this post has been brought to you by the number 2, the color green, and the word “snark”.)

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OMG, OMG, They Censoredz Teh Indymedia! (Not.)

If you’ve tried to access any of the Indymedia websites in the past couple hours, you might have noticed that… you can’t. The cause? Not a technical boo-boo on the part of the computer-savvy anarchists, but a sinister – nay, diabolical – scheme by The Man to oppress and suppress free speech the world over.

Or, you know, maybe their registrar suspended the entire domain for having blatantly fraudulent WHOIS data. To the anarchists, I’m sure it amounts to the same thing…
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