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Mrs. Madigan’s Uranium Mine

Found in the Life Magazine photo archives, a strange collection of photos from 1955 without individual captions, labeled only as “Mrs. Madigan’s Uranium Mine”. Whomever Mrs. Madigan was, she seems to have faded into obscurity in the intervening decades; were it nor for this photo, we might not even be able to figure out who in these pictures is Mrs. Madigan!

Two of the more interesting photos, below.
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MGSF, 1997-2009

The Metro Gang Strike Force (MGSF), founded in 1997 as the Minnesota Gang Strike Force, was permanently disbanded earlier this month by politicians amid unresolved and unconfirmed allegations running the gamut of professional incompetence to overall poor performance to abuse of power and possible criminal activity on behalf of strike force members.

Investigations into some of these allegations have recently begun, but facts be damned, the politicians killed the program dead. Worse yet, they also pulled the plug on what would have been the MGSF’s somewhat smaller, interim replacement unit.

I’m more than a little concerned that in doing so, the State might have done irreparable – literally – harm to the statewide anti-gang effort.
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