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Propaganda By Any Other Name

Thanks to the awesome power of the inter-tubes, I’ve recently been exposed to – and quickly become a huge fan of – a cracking good TV show called Sea Patrol. Odds are, most of my readers have never heard of it, because it’s never aired in the United States. See, it’s an Australian drama about the operations of a smallish patrol boat in the Royal Australian Navy, and the people who crew her. Apparently, it’s one of the most popular shows in TV in Australia, and rightly so. (How entertaining is it? Let’s put it this way – there’s a fair chance I’ll buy a region-free dual-format PAL/NTSC DVD player just so I can watch this show on DVD. Yes, it’s really that good that I’d spend $45/season + $65 for a new DVD player = $155. Maybe I’m just jaded by overexposure to horrible American television…)

Anyway, here’s the thing…
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