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Enormous Files == Pure Evil

Video games these days have ballooned to what would have been, a few short years ago, downright mind-boggling sizes. Grand Theft Auto 4 takes up around sixteen gigabytes of space, for example – larger than the entire Half-Life series to date – and it’s not even close to the largest game out there. That wouldn’t be a problem, though, except that the trend for some time has been towards these games comprising only a relatively few actual files on the hard drive… files that are sometimes ridiculously enormous.

GTA IV has a couple files that are larger than a CD – more than 700MB; the largest is one of the audio files, at just under 1.5 gigabytes. It’s hardly the worst example I can come up with, either – if you happen to have the old classic Counter-Strike: Source installed on your PC, you’ve got three files between one and 1.7 gigs.

Why does this matter? Why am I bothered by this?
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Strangeness From Russia

President Obama is in Russia at the moment, which must cause the more reactionary old farts in the Republican Party some consternation, since in conservative parlance, such a statement would use the phrase “Great Satan” twice. This not-really-momentous occasion seemed a good opportunity to check out my two favorite Russian news websites – Ria Novosti and Pravda and see what they have to say.

What you have to kind of remember is that both of these news outlets are propagandists of the highest order, who at times make Fox News look “fair and balanced”, and that neither are above publishing the most ridiculously sensationalist stories imaginable. Don’t believe me? Really, I couldn’t make this stuff up. National Enquirer, eat your heart out.
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