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I’ve Got My Orange Crush

For reasons I can’t quite fathom, Orange Crush (and Grape Crush) remain two of the very few plain old sodas / soft drinks available in glass bottles, at least here in the Twin Cities, and they’re available as such in a surprising number of gas stations and convenience stores.

I don’t know who buys them, other than me. Hey, I appreciate the retro aesthetic, and there’s no denying that pretty much every beverage tastes better in glass rather than aluminum or plastic.

So, anyway…
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A Scale of Fail

I’ve been thinking that the current kind of arbitrary hierarchy of fails:


…really isn’t nuanced enough for the comparative analysis of failures. The first solution that presents itself is to use modifiers:


And, what the hell, maybe an OMGWTFBBQ FAIL++ (pronounced “double-plus OMGWTFBBQ fail”, natch) for the truly stupendous failures of the world.

That got me wondering, though – might numbers be better?
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Lasers in the Sky are Dangerous

Remember the whole hullabaloo about people targeting aircraft with laser pointers, blinding pilots, and so on? The FAA have recently produced a quite thorough presentation (PowerPoint file!) on the dangers associated with “Laser Illumination of Pilots in the National Airspace System”. It’s mighty interesting reading, and I suggest you go have a look.

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A Chilling Photo

I’ve written before about understanding and deciphering gang graffiti, though it’s been a while. You might want to go back and read those two posts, as they’ll help you better understand this photo:
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Recent Goodies from DTIC

In April, the Defense Technology Information Center – DTIC – held their annual conference, on “Defense, Scientific, and Technical Information: From Discovery to Access”. I know, I know – sounds deathly boring, doesn’t it? Truth be told, for the most part, unless you’re excited by presentations with titles like “Copyright and Fair Use for Government Purposes” or “What do we do about really big data sets?”, it probably was deathly boring, except for the costumed swing dance. (No, really.)

However, nestled in among all these other lectures and presentations were a couple of slightly more interesting goodies, like:
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