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Meet the Kia Soul

I’m not at all a car person, but it appears that Kia may be staking quite a bit on their new Soul, a boxy little people-mover. If you search Google, you’ll find a seemingly endless series of websites devoted to the car.

This week, Top Gear Australia (no, really) did a pretty extensive review of the Soul, and some kind sod has made the clip available on YouTube, right here. I strongly suggest you go watch it – not because it’s a particularly amazing car, but because, well, there’s a hint that Kia might need to get a better focus group where vehicle naming is concerned.

See, in addition to the regular version of the car, Kia have also announced a sportier racing model, the “R-type”. I don’t know that it’ll really be called this, but the Top Gear bloke intimates rather strongly that it’ll be badged as the “R-Soul”… and if you can’t see why that would be a problem, well… think harder. 🙂

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