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Time-Critical Strike Capability and the Conventional Strategic Missile

An interesting Department of Defense publication from last month just crossed my inbox – Time Critical Conventional Strike from Strategic Standoff is a study by the Defense Science Board which examines the technology, tactics, and planning issues surrounding the United States’ ability to strike targets around the world, on short notice.

It’s fascinating reading, and presents a lot of interesting suggestions that, I suspect, pretty strongly challenge the “conventional wisdom” surrounding the military’s global reach. High-speed, long-range weapons? Not so useful. High-yield explosive weapons? Too much collateral damage, among other problems. Little, but very accurate weapons (like the Small Diameter Bomb)? The way of the future. Special Forces? Under-appreciated, under-utilized, and under-supported where rapid-response capability is concerned.

However, I found something potentially even more interesting, buried in an appendix…
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