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Rethinking File Sharing

Obviously enough, copyright owners have issues with the widespread popularity of file-sharing technology, which seems to be used, pretty much exclusively, to (illegally) trade and share copyrighted material. The RIAA and the MPAA are waging a slow but increasingly successful war on bittorrent and similar peer-to-peer technologies, and there’s no sign of them letting up any time soon.

The other big opponents of filesharing seem to be internet service providers, or ISPs, who whine a lot about the amount of bandwidth that bittorrent, in particular, uses.

There’s not much you can do to appease the copyright folks, but ISPs could, if they so chose, do something to make a marked difference in their (pirate) customers’ bandwidth usage, while still allowing them access to the vast majority of illegally pirated movies, television shows, games, and so on.

It’s not exactly groundbreaking rocket science, either.
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