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Baby Steps

Cryptome recently linked to a DHS publication on domestic extremism that kind of made me lol when I first saw it. It’s not that domestic extremism is a laughing matter or anything, and objectively I’m pleased that domestic extremists are once again getting the attention they deserve in law-enforcement circles.

No, the problem is that this publication – the “Domestic Extremist Lexicon” – is just kind of staggeringly stupid, because it doesn’t cover anything that’s really useful to the intended audience.

A book I recently read defined “research” as a three-pronged method: Something that is purposeful, conducted with a specific objective in mind; something that is performed systematically; and something that contributed either new knowledge, or new interpretations of old knowledge.

Presumably, this lexicon was created with a purpose – to serve as a reference to law enforcement, according to the introduction. (Or more likely to get DHS and the rest of the intelligence community “on the same page”, and using certain terms with codified, unified meanings.) Was it performed systematically? Hard to say, but my gut feeling is probably not. Does it contribute anything new? Not a bit.
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