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Minimums Definitely Required

I don’t usually delve into the conservative quarter of the blogosphere, because whenever I do, I stumble across something like this that makes me despair for the future of the human race…

The basic premise: Maryland is soon to enact a new law – supported, surprise surprise, by Wal-Mart, Target, and Sears, among others – that will allow retailers to sue suppliers who have been “forcing” minimum-retail-price agreements on them. “Chad”, it seems, doesn’t quite understand, as he puts it, “the ‘need’ for government to regulate certain aspects of business”. Or, as he puts it, “all that stands between greedy suppliers having their way with Wal-Mart and their customers is the powerful hand of government stepping in to outlaw such practices?”

Here’s a hint: it really has nothing whatsoever to do with the suppliers, Chad.
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Kwik Hits

Look! Glorious randomness, short-attention-span style!

As The Politico notes, The FBI has embraces teh Twitter;

From the so-not-a-good-idea department: A glass-bottomed observation deck for the Sears Tower. Yep, all that’ll be between you and the sidewalk is over a thousand feet and an inch and a half of glass. Who brought a spring-loaded window punch?

The whole kill-yourself-with-drain cleaner-gases suicide trend seems to have migrated to England. Happy happy, joy joy.

The headline says it all: Plane crash-lands on toilets;

Don’t take my word for it; Copyediters reely do mattur.

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