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Peter Adiwal: Damn, Skippy

The Times Colonist, yesterday:

A notorious B.C. gangster who may have been trying to turn over a new leaf is fighting for his life after being shot in a hail of gunfire in a Burnaby parkade.

Parminder “Peter” Singh Adiwal, who was pegged as a potential boss for the Independent Soldiers, was shot several times inside or near a black Porsche Cayenne at a high-rise condo complex in the 4100-block Dawson Street Tuesday night… Residents reported hearing several shots in two bursts of gunfire at around 10 p.m. “There were a lot of shots, at least 10 to 12,” said James Nelson. “One of them sounded like a large-calibre weapon. To me, it sounded like a volley.”

Nelson rushed down from his apartment to the ground-level parkade, where ambulance and police had converged after several people called 911. “The guy was moaning in his black SUV,” said Nelson. “It looked like he was in pretty bad shape.”

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Electromagnetic Railguns for Hunting? Wait, What?

I don’t want to sound like some rabid Second Amendment advocate (I’m not), but, um, what the heck is this about?

Hunters [in Wisconsin] can now legally use firearms including air guns, handguns and guns fired from the shoulder.

The Wisconsin Conservation Congress, which advises the state Department of Natural Resources, was concerned those definitions were too loose and could allow hunters to use new, untested technology such as electromagnetic weapons.

Emphasis mine.

Now they’ve passed a law saying you can only hunt with “traditional gunpowder firearms or air rifles and pistols”.

Electromagnetic weapons for hunting? Are they freaking serious? What are we talking about, here? A handheld railgun? I called my local gun shop on my lunch break, and they had no idea what I was talking about. “You mean like a taser?” the woman who answered asked.

I don’t think so. In my books, if you want to hunt with a taser – which has, what, a 25-foot effective range? – more power to you.

As far as I’m concerned, if you’ve got a portable railgun and want to kill Bambi with it, you go right ahead and do it, assuming it’s deer season and you’ve got the appropriate permit and all that.

Doesn’t Wisconsin have anything better to do?

Once Al Franken gets sworn in, I’m going to write him and demand – yes, demand – that Minnesota go one better and ban hunting with lasers, masers, grasers, gravitic imploder lances, tractor beams, photon torpedoes, plasma weapons, and those needler rifle things from the HALO games. Clearly using such “untested technology” for the boring and mundane purpose of hunting must be proscribed.

Not because they’re unfair or anything; I’m sure it’s because they’re wickedly painful to whatever you hit with them. I mean, have you seen what a gravitic imploder lance does to those it hits? One minute it’s a humanoid, the next minute it’s… not.

The way I figure it is this: this is the first step of Obama’s next big gun-control plan. First, ban any socially-acceptable use for railguns, phasers, plasma rifles, and so on. Next, the “Omnibus Fictional Weapon Control Act of 2010”. You know it’s coming…

Hurry, fellow patriots! Get your pre-ban shuriken cannons while you still can!

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The Recession is Hurting Drug Dealers, Too

So there I was, walking to the corner mercado one recent evening, okay? It’s an old neighborhood that hasn’t been afflicted by gentrification yet, and a lot of the houses are set maybe three feet back from the sidewalk. Front yards? Front yards happen to other people, baby. And so as I’m walking along, a guy sitting on the front step of one of the houses says “Yo, you got money, I got weed, dawg.” I politely decline.

“You sure?” the would-be dealer asks. “I’ll beat anyone’s prices, dawg. Special overstock sale, know what I mean? Too much inventory, not enough liquid assets to pay my mortgage. Help a fella out?”
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Nork Nuke: Here We Go Again

It’s been a couple of years since the last one, which apparently measured 4.2 on the Richter scale, but North Korea conducted a second successful underground nuclear test this morning; initial reports say a magnitude 4.7 event, this time around.

I can’t seem to find any good online seismograph data for today’s event, yet; you can have a gander at this page, though – for a seismograph in China – which may or may not show anything interesting; I’m ambivalent on its interpretation. This is another page with data from the same location; it shows what you’d expect to see for a nuclear test – a big spike for the detonation, just before 0100, followed shortly by a longer, messier, weaker event as the vault collapses in on itself.

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Kwik Hits

Random thoughts from a couple of busy days:

So, you know Daniel Hauser, the Hodgkins lymphoma kid from southern Minnesota who’s on the run with his mother? They left their farm late Monday night, and were supposedly spotted in southern California early Tuesday morning, according to news reports.

How come nobody has asked how they got there? According to Google, that’s a roughly 35-hour drive, assuming no construction, little traffic, and no stops. And why on earth would you take the kid to Mexico, for crying out loud? He can’t read or write English, I’m sure he doesn’t speak a freaking word of Spanish.

My bet: They’re hiding with friends on an Indian reservation somewhere in southern Minnesota. That would, technically, fit the father’s statement about them no longer being in the country, yes?

Totally unrelated, but it came up in conversation the other day, and seemed strange, interesting, and potentially worrisome: Are vegans allowed to practice oral sex? Inquiring minds, and all that.

Evidently, the British government is reluctant to spend money to preserve Bletchley Park. To judge from the article, Bletchley must have be quite the romantic little workplace, as quite a number of people evidently met their future spouses there.

Coming soon – supposedly, hah! – the five-dimensional DVD, storing over a terabyte of data. Because, you know, accidentally scratching, cracking, or losing a couple gigabytes of data just wasn’t enough…

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