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Some Bastards are Bastards…

Now, for something completely different, the story of how, back in February, my roommates and I accidentally adopted a cat, and it really pissed me off.

Not at the cat, mind you – he’s the most ridiculously friendly, adorable, and likable cat I’ve ever seen, as I’ll get to in a moment – but at his previous owners.

It was a typical day in Minnesota in mid February – a lot of snow on the ground, temperatures in the upper teens (Fahrenheit, natch) during the way, down around zero at night. Coming back from the garage, my roommate found a cat in the backyard. It was skinny as all hell, looked kind of miserable, and meowing a lot, in a really pitiful way. There are a lot of stray cats in this area, and a lot of people in the neighborhood have “outdoor cats” who roam around, so a cat in the backyard isn’t terribly uncommon, and we don’t really mind. (There’s one “outdoor cat” in the area that we refer to as Bob, for no particular reason, who does an excellent job at keeping the local squirrel population in check. Yay, Bob!) This one, though, was a bit different…
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