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The Twin Cities “Tax Day Tea Party”

I’ve just gotten back from the “Tax Day Tea Party” at the Capitol in St Paul – which is still going on – and, seriously, all I can say is “wow”. And, might I add, that’s not “wow” in a good way, either.

I’d guess around three-thousand people showed up, and I’d guess no more than five of them expected – or wanted – a “nonpartisan” event, as was facetiously promised. It was completely, utterly, totally, entirely, unabashedly far, far, right, and all hate, all the time. It was ugly, seriously – so ugly I couldn’t stand to be around it anymore, photo opportunities or no photo opportunities, and left after about an hour.

Anyone who things these things are nonpartisan and apolitical, you’re, sorry, completely deluded. I don’t know who the speakers were, but they got a lot of cheers from the crowd whenever they called Barack Hussein Obama – and always Barack Hussein Obama, never “President Obama” or anything like that – a liar, or a socialist, or a communist. They got a lot of cheers when they announced – I kid you not – that if the Department of Homeland Security thinks conservative taxpayers are terrorists, maybe they – that is, the conservatives – should start “taking hundreds of people hostage” to get what they want. They got a lot of cheers when they announced Texas is seceding from the United States, and that if they can do it, so can Minnesota.

You know what got the biggest cheers, though? You know what got a basically standing ovation from everybody in the crowd? “We don’t need the United Nations!”

That pretty much says it all, really. Moderate? Nonpartisan? Like fucking hell…

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More Phinancial Phun at Wikileaks

Everyone’s favorite dumping ground for stuff that’s already been published at Cryptome, stuff that’s been circulating on peer-to-peer networks for weeks, ancient and esoteric Scientology ephemera, and the odd other document, most of which were already available elsewhere – that’d be Wikileaks, of course – is still in the midst of a remarkably un-transparent fund-raising drive. (“We desperately need an indeterminate and oft-changing amount of money, for unspecified reasons, to cover unspecified expenses for an indeterminate amount of time. But, don’t worry! We’re getting a whole bunch of money in September, we promise! Oh, and incidentally, if you give us money, there’s a good chance your identity will accidentally be leaked, because we’re far less technologically hip than we pretend to be, hah hah hah.”)

Evidently, though, their blatant begging for cash has faced something of a setback: right now, the site header says:

“Keep us strong and independent. Donate by bank transfer, cheque, ukash, Moneybookers or other means. Please contact the WikiLeaks Support Office. Paypal will be back soon.”

Any ideas why PayPal is unavailable? Given their usual hysteria about (perceived) oppression and censorship, I’d expect a half-dozen anti-Paypal diatribes on the site, with calls to boycott them and all that sort of stuff.

Amazing just how little transparency and accountability a website and organization that supposedly exists to, you know, provide just that actually has…

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