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Of Teabags and Stranger Things

You’re probably aware that a huge number of demonstrations are planned across the U.S. this coming Wednesday, April 15th; called “tea parties”, these events are supposedly nonpartisan, “grass-roots” protests against bank bailouts, tax hikes, and other recent unpopular economic actions the government has taken. In the last few days, there’s been a ridiculous amount of hysteria about these events online, with organizers and supporters – pretty much exclusively far-right ultraconservatives – claiming the George Soros-funded far-left liberals are out to infiltrate these events and try to discredit participants and organizers. There’s no real actual evidence for these claims, but who cares? Conspiracy, repression, oppression shock

The Left, for their part, are pretty unanimous in making fun of these events and those behind them, and allege that many of the organizers and participants are embarrassingly far-right extremists – out-and-out white supremacists, anti-government secessionists, and that sort of thing. They, not surprisingly, have some evidence to back up these sorts of claims.

Who are you to believe?
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