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All the Wrong Reasons

Secretary of Defense Gates wants to cut back or even end a mildly controversial Army project called the Future Combat System, a fundamentally flawed program that I believe I’ve written about before. The idea basically was to, in the future, fight “smarter”, rather than “harder”, with all kinds of neat toys like lightly-armored but high-speed fighting vehicles and a fully-computerized, fully-networked command, control, and intelligence (C2I) system – “network-centric warfare”, in particular, was promised to be the Next Big Thing.

It was a boondoggle, and a gratuitous waste of taxpayers’ money, and I for one am glad it’s facing the (long-overdue) axe.

The thing is, I think Gates is killing the program for all the wrong reasons.
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Tracking the Odyssey Explorer (and Most Other Ships, Too)

If you’ve ever watched the Discovery Channel show Treasure Quest, you’ve probably seen the crew of the ship involved – the Odyssey Explorer – complaining about how their movements can be tracked online by anyone, curious laymen or professional competitors; you’ve probably seen them sail around aimlessly, in the hopes of throwing off those who’d like to know what shipwreck the group is after, and where.

The website that allows you to monitor their position in real time is Marine Traffic; the Odyssey Explorer can be tracked at this link.

If you happened to be watching the ship this weekend, you might have seen something interesting. If you were watching the ship really closely, you might have seen two interesting things…
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