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Linked Only by Proximity

I’m easily amused, particularly by badly-worded headlines and things of that sort, so you can imagine my response when I spotted these headlines on CNN’s website earlier this afternoon:

A fatal house fire, a fire, a dying woman, and an expensive house being sold, cheap. None have any connection to one another, other than their proximity on, but I still found the juxtaposition, I suppose, amusing.

I’m not laughing at anyone’s misfortune, but you have to admit, you’ve got the plot for a TV movie right there, just in the headlines…

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Oh Woe is Me: Slow Computer

I recently decided it was probably time to retire my old desktop Linux PC, which is a, um, dual 500MHz Pentium II. (With two 18GB SCSI drives in RAID-1, 1 gigabyte of ECC RAM, and an 8x Nvidia video card with 128MB of memory. What, me, outdated?) I wanted something smaller, quieter, and less power-hungry, so I picked up a 1.8GHz Mini-ITX box online. It’s small, it’s quiet, it only draws something like 65 watts of power. It also only had room for a single hard drive, and I really wanted RAID-1.

My solution? (Don’t laugh!) An IDE-to-Compact Flash adapter, and two CF cards in software RAID-1.

This is proving somewhat suboptimal…
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