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Browser-Friendly DLI Country Products

The Defense Language Institute produces some truly first-class products on a large number of foreign countries; among them, their “Countries in Perspective” series stand out as among the best: they’re fairly up-to-date, comprehensive looks at every aspect of the country in question, designed to be accessible to non-experts. If you want to know most of everything you’d ever want to know about, say, Eritrea, or Somalia, or Azerbaijan, or Iran, you can do far worse then to read these papers.

They’re available for free download from the “Field Support” website. Unfortunately, this is the one place where the DLI did a less-than-great job: all the documents are PDF files… but most of them have to be downloaded as zip files – which means you can’t just view them in a browser, for one thing – and which means if you search in Google for information contained in them, they won’t show up.

Why they did this, I really don’t know. All I know is, I disapprove. 🙂 And, to be helpful, I’ve uploaded all of the zipped PDF files – as unzipped PDF files, natch – onto one of my servers, so the world doesn’t have to jump through the DLI’s hoops.

The full list, with links, is below:
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