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Kwik Hits

I seem to be having network problems today, which are preventing me from uploading any of the stuff I want to upload. (Sigh.) So, in the meantime, here are a couple of random interesting bits I’ve stumbled across:

A couple years late to the game (as always), the National Security Agency has joined a secret intelligence-community social-networking website called A-Space. What’s next? A classified micro-blogging service – I-Tweet?

Got $200 million USD laying around? The French would like to sell you a new midget submarine – about the size of a WWII German U-boat, so only “small” compared to today’s giants of the sea…

Local nurses take picture of patient’s x-rays, joke about him online, get fired, and may face fines for violating the (anonymous) patient’s right to privacy. His ailment? A – ahem! – marital aid lodged in his, er, posterior orifice.

Bet he won’t be doing that again…
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