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Dear FBI

Dear Federal Bureau of Investigation: Hello, how are you doing today? Excellent, I’m truly glad to hear that. Me? Well, I’ve got a little problem I’m hoping you can help me with. Have you got a second? Great.

Here’s the deal: On your website, you give instructions on submitting FOIA requests. One of the options – in theory, at least – is to do so online. I freely admit that I’m an idiot, but it doesn’t work for me. Ever.
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A Duquesne Cipher Follow-up

Many of you will remember the post I made last year concerning a photo of an encrypted message connected to the Duquesne espionage ring during WWII. There was quite a bit of discussion about the message and its bona-fides, and I expect that for many the question is unresolved.

Happily, thanks to a kind reader, I’m able to shed some additional, quite astonishingly detailed light on the matter.
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